Embracing Technology

I listened to the final round of the Masters on my IPhone as I drove from my parents’ house in Kentucky back to Nashville, TN.  That’s right, I listened to it.  It was terrific, even just to listen to.  As Jim Nance would say, it was “one for the ages.”  It’s too bad that I couldn’t watch it, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes and sitting in front of the TV on that Sunday was not on the agenda.  That said, in this information age, there are ways of keeping up with events such as this.  I used my recently acquired IPhone and the Masters APP that I found online with it.  I had video available, but of course, I could not watch and drive too.  It was satisfying to at least get to listen to the events as they unfolded.  It is not intuitively obvious or apparent that listening to golf could be satisfying, but it was.  Now, would it be the same for any tournament week to week?  I’m not sure but, I guess it would depend upon the circumstances.  Sirius thinks the idea has merit – there is a PGA station on channel 209.  I have Sirius radio, but my numbers don’t go up that high.  I am not quite sure why, I have to look into that one.  Anyway, there I was driving down the highway, my wife napping in the passenger seat and I am seeing in my mind the occurrences happening as described by the announcers.  I was excited and exhilarated by the coverage and the events as they unfolded.  I am glad I have embraced the technology.  I could not have done that with my blackberry.

There are lots of golf APPs available for the IPhone.  I also have a Golf News APP provided free by  It is an “RSS Feeder/Reader” and provides stories of the day.  There are GPS APPs, score keeping and handicapping APPS, swing analysis APPs, a Golf Channel APP, etc…Easily accessed and up to date, it’s a pleasure to be as connected as you want to be these days.  But…and it’s a big but…you can go overboard!  They used to call blackberry’s “crackberrys.”  Well, the IPhone is that times ten.  It is easy to lose time and the “outside world.”  I intend to keep the technology in perspective and use it to my advantage.  I like the access and the different APPs that are available.  Some are free and most are very affordable (under $5).

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