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The 93rd PGA Championship

The PGA Championship

I suppose the deal with the devil never really took place, or so it seems since Tiger missed the cut badly this week at the year’s final major – The 93rd PGA Championship.  But it was a terrific tournament nonetheless.  Who needs “big names” when the play is as spectacular as it was coming down the stretch of the tournament and in the ensuing playoff?  The PGA tour has obviously become very deep with talent over the course of the last few years.  In fact the last 10 majors have been won by first time major winners.  And…thank goodness an American won this last major…we can put that European uber alles issue to bed at least.  Although, I am sure there are those out there working the Irish lineage angle on Bradley as we speak…since the previous two majors were won by Irishmen.

What a Finish to the PGA

What a finish to the 93rd PGA Championship!  Keegan Bradley winning in a three hole aggregate playoff against Jason Dufner.  Keegan tied the event going birdie, birdie, and par after a seemingly disastrous triple bogey on the 15th par three.  With four holes to go and having witnessed Bradley’s triple from the tee box, Dufner hit the water on the par three 15th as well but managed a bogey to go to the 16th with a four shot lead.  He then proceeded to bogey the next two holes and par the 18th to remain tied at 8 under with Bradley.  Keegan, on his way in from the  triple on 15 knocked in a nine footer for birdie on the 16th then a thirty-five footer on the par three 17th to climb back up to 8 under par for the tournament. 

The PGA Championship Playoff

In the playoff, the two hit identical drives to the ones they played in regulation on the 16th.  Dufner, the shorter of the two hit first from the fairway and stuffed a 5 iron short of the hole rolling it just past the pin leaving about a twelve-footer.  Keegan shot next stuffing his 8 iron in to about six feet below the hole.  Keegan made his putt but Justin did not.  On the par three 17th Dufner once again three putted while Bradley made par extending his lead in the playoff to two strokes.  They both hit quality shots into the 18th hole with nearly identical putts to finish.  First to putt and with great style Jason Dufner rolled his in for a birdie forcing Bradley to two putt to win – which, of course, he did. 

The quality of the play in the playoff was spectacular with both competitors playing as if they were grizzled veterans of majors.  In fact, this was Bradley’s first ever major. 

It must be in the DNA for Keegan to deal with the pressure.  His aunt is Hall of Fame LPGA-er Pat Bradley.  His father is a PGA professional as well, not a touring pro, but a club pro in Colorado. 

The PGA Championship was a quality tournament with quality play and a terrific finish.