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Tiger, You Dropped Your Club

Tiger is on his way back.  And with the resurrection of his game comes the inevitable copiers of all things Tiger.  I hope that this next 7 week break for Tiger allows him to forget his favorite new habit, letting go of his club in the follow through when his shot doesn’t come off exactly as he foresaw.  It became an annoyinging commonplace event this week at Sherwood Country Club to see Tiger do just that.  Unfortunately, it may be too late.  He has been doing this throughout the year this year as he struggled to find his game.  While watching the play at the Q School earlier today I noted players also letting go of the club to let it drop unceremoniously when the shot didn’t come off as planned.  Almost always it seems the shots usually make the green when they do it (Tiger et al)!  How droll (sarcastically stated).

I hope it doesn’t catch.  How annoying it will be when playing to witness someone ahead doing so or even worse someone in my group doing so over an imperfect shot.  As if any of us actually hit more than one shot a round that is perfect in our own minds!  I used to witness friends throwing clubs years ago.  That habit seems to have been somewhat eliminated in recent years, probably as a result in the growing popularity of golf and the  marketing marvel of golf as a gentleman’s game.  You just don’t see folks tossing clubs anymore.  Now this.

Tiger please stop.  I really want to cheer for your comeback.  But part of your comeback has to be rooted in self-control.  The outbursts and the “club letting” you do don’t indicate that you have the self control you were once famous for.  Emotion is great, but at least keep your hands on the club. Otherwise, those 10 Million kids you say you have reached with your charity will all be letting go too!  Please stop.

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