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Thanks Mr. Floyd – Man Behind the Putter

As an update to my recent putting post, I shot a 73 today and it was almost exclusively because of much improved putting.  Thanks to the changes I made described in the “Man Behind the Putter” posting AND a tip Raymond Floyd provided on television.

The Golf Channel’s recent 7 Nights at the Academy series aired this past week and featured tips and instruction by Sir Nick Faldo, Johnny Miller, and Raymond Floyd.  I watched some of the shows and they were very insightful and interesting.  A tip that resonated for me was a very simple one from Mr. Floyd in his putting segment.  He said to pick a very specific spot on the back of the ball when putting and stroke the putt.  How simple is that?!  I birdied the first hole, made 3 more birdies in the round and a bunch of “comeback putts” because of it.  The tip seems to focus your attention at what it should be on and keeps your head down throughout the stroke.

Sure,  I still had a couple of troublesome holes, but birdies sure help make up for some of those mistakes.  Thanks Mr. Floyd!

David Feherty & IED Golf Days

I just viewed a story about David Feherty online that brought tears to my eyes.  I received it as a link from a friend via email (thanks Frank!).  It is a story from the Golf Channel’s website: .     

I truly admire the celebrity who for unselfish reasons brings light, hope, and dignity to others.  Please take a look.

For those who don’t know him, David Feherty was a professional golfer and is now a TV golf analyst and columnist/humorist.  He came to this country from Ireland and became a citizen early last year.  He became a citizen because he admires Americans and the things America stands for – he gets it.  He especially loves military members and their families, a love born of a desire to contribute to freedom’s efforts by visiting the troops in Iraq in 2007 (and subsequent trips) to thank them for what they have done and are doing.  He has embraced those who serve, especially those who have been injured in the process. 

David’s friend Rick Kell has established a foundation for these service members called Troops First Foundation.   David, in partnership with Rick bring together these wounded warriors and their families for sporting event days.  David calls these days Improvised Explosive Days (IED) of Golf or Cycling or Hunting.  This is an obvious play on the term improvised explosive device, the mechanism by which many of these service members received their wounds. 

Visit Rick’s foundation website at  It’s mission:  “Troops First Foundation develops, operates, and supports a synergistic group of wellness, quality of life and sport-based initiatives in support of today’s military personnel.” 

God bless David Feherty and Rick Kell.