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Hogan Radial Irons (Circa. 1983-89)

I recently bought a set of Hogan Radial irons (1-E or Wedge with APEX 4 Shaft) on EBay for $200.  They looked to be in great condition.  The primary purpose was to simply have as a collectable and hit occasionally.  When they arrived I was pleasantly relieved to see the ad for the clubs was accurate - they were like new!  On a practice round for the Virgina Senior Open, I took out the 7 iron and hit twice from the fairway.  To my astonishment, I hit that forged iron perfectly both times landing within 15 feet of the pin the first time and 5 feet the second.  I began wondering about putting them in the bag immediately, but didn’t.  It was too soon.

What a terrific and beautiful set of irons! I have always been a PING man – Eye2′s, I3′s, and I10′s, but wanted to try my hand with a forged iron.  I have played a couple of rounds with them after spending a little time with them on the range. What a treat! Since they are ‘vintage’ the lofts aren’t quite what I am accustomed to in more modern clubs. I had the lofts checked and the gaps weren’t consistent and weak by modern standards, so I had them bent to modern lofts and with consistent gaps. No problems with that process. I couldn’t get past the number on the club, I want my numbers to match what I am used to…I know, I know, but there it is.  The grips were like new, but too large so I changed them to smaller half cords for about $100.  I am excited to test them with the adjusted lofts tomorrow at Bide-A-Wee and then again on Sunday in a VSGA single-day tournament.  I have hit them at the range since the changes and they still feel great!  More later…

I love the weight of these clubs, although I do not know the exact swing weight. I can really feel the clubhead throughout the swing. Reviews I have read have it right, the irons feel great, the long irons are relatively easy to hit…I even found myself hitting 1 iron after 1 iron on the range with great results…it was just FUN. 

I did a little more research on the irons and found a terrific website and link that provides the history of all of Mr. Hogan’s irons. 

My Set:  1987-89 Forged Radials (Underlined) (2-9), 1 iron and E are 1983-86 Forged Radials (no Underline).,default,sc.html?gcid=s006


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