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Tiger at the Crossroads

Tiger in a Dream

I had a vision this morning in that dreamy state you can get into sometimes when the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button.  My vision included Tiger making a deal with the devil…kind of like the blues guitar player at the “crossroads” or even “Damn Yankees” (the musical).  Think about it, Tiger as a boy approached by this seemingly kindly old gentleman about a deal.  Yes, Tiger had already shown some talent, but man! Oh to be as good as Jack…and even break his records! 

A Musical for Tiger

In the musical “Damn Yankees,” an aging real estate agent named Joe Boyd is lamenting about those Damned Yankees always beating his team, the Washington Senators.  If only…Joe wishes for a slugger for the Senators under his breath…then Mr. Applegate arrives (or Beelzebub, Satan, Old Horn and Hoof, the Devil) and he offers him a deal.  Long and short of it, Joe Boyd is transformed into Joe Hardy and is a batting and fielding phenom for the Senators.  Tempted by Lola (“What Lola wants, Lola gets…”) and then forlorn for his wife and home, he returns to become Joe Boyd again but only after he tricks Applegate to get his soul back. 

Tiger Makes a Deal

Now fade in to Tiger.  Imagine Tiger sitting forlornly as a young wannabe with promise…Damn Jack…if only…poof!  Here’s the devil.  Deal done, 71 tournaments and 14 majors later all is going to plan.  But while he is winning…“What the waitress wants, the waitress gets…” and another and another and another…and the Devil warns him.  “Hey Tiger!  Don’t take this thing too far…I have a plan for you.”  “No worries Devil, I got it under control.”  BAM!  We know what happens next…

Then the Devil punishes Tiger. “You’ll get it back son, but not for a little while, you’re going to feel lots of pain when you play.  More than before, this time it’ll be too much to deal with.”

Now fade in to Tiger again a couple of weeks ago.  The Devil says, “OK Tiger, I think you’ve learned your lesson.  You can play now. But first you gotta lose the caddy, he knows too much.”    

Tiger Back on Track 

Tiger wins at Bridgestone!  Waaaaaa!  How’d he do it! 

Tiger wins the PGA!  Waaaaaa!  How’d he do it? 

Tiger wins the FedEx Cup!  Waaaaaa!  How’d he do it?

Tiger is comeback player of the year!  Tiger is player of the year! 

Oh my, things are back on track. 

Ahem, but it was just a dream, wasn’t it Tiger?