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Kenny Perry and Charity


“Tees and Tunes” Charity Event

My wife and I had the great pleasure of attending Kenny Perry’s “Tees and Tunes” Charity Event with several friends in Franklin, Kentucky on the 6th of September.  The event proceeds were raised to support the Boys & Girls Club of Franklin-Simpson.  The event was held at The Arling, a venue owned and operated by his sister Lydia Perry Petersen and her husband Chuck on the grounds of Kenny’s Country Creek Golf Course.  The event included dinner and a concert by Vince Gill.

Franklin is a small community in south central Kentucky located just above the Tennessee line along interstate 65.  It is about an hour straight north on I-65 from Nashville, Tennessee.  In Franklin, everyone knows Kenny…he grew up there and still lives there with his family.

A History of Charity

Kenny Perry is well known for his charitable efforts.  In 2009 he won the prestigious Payne Stewart Award.  The Payne Stewart Award is given to a player whose “values align with the character, charity and sportsmanship that Stewart showed”.  These values include respect for the traditions of the game, commitment to uphold the game’s heritage of charitable support and professional and meticulous presentation of himself and the sport through his dress and conduct. In 2002, he was named the winner of the Charles Bartlett Award, given to a professional golfer for his unselfish contributions to the betterment of society, by the Golf Writers Association of America.  His other awards include being inducted into the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame, the Western Kentucky University Hall of Fame, the Western Kentucky University Hall of Distinguished Alumni and the Lipscomb University Athletics Hall of Fame.

The PGA website lists his charities as:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee – Franklin
To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Lipscomb University
Lipscomb University is a private coeducational institution whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, combined with a number of pre-professional fields and masters degree programs. Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. The mission is carried out not only in the classroom but also by involvement in numerous services to the church and the larger community. Institutional Values The core values that under-gird the works of Lipscomb University include: Christ-likeness Lipscomb exists because of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. The constant aim is for each member of the Lipscomb family to grow in His image. Truth Truth is sought in each class and should be lived out in the behavior and speech of each employee and student. Excellence In every facet of our work, Lipscomb University seeks the highest level of performance and service. “Perpetual improvement” is the mantra for each class, department, or administrative area. Service Everything we do and teach should reflect the second great command “to love your neighbor as yourself.” Knowledge acquired and skills gained are to be used to bless the lives of others.

Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries
The mission of Potter Children’s Home & Family Ministries is to be a tool in the hands of supporting churches of Christ and individual Christians to deliver God’s justice and mercy to children and families in need.

I chatted with several folks during the evening and understand his charitable connection with Lipscomb began as a promise to return through a percentage of winnings the favor of support he received as a struggling pro starting out.  He still tithes a percentage of each purse.


Vince Gill and Charity

Vince Gill’s performance was very personal and entertaining.  With only a microphone, a stool and his guitar, he held the 250-ish crowd spellbound with stories and music.  During one of the songs, a young man proposed marriage to the surprise of all but a select few.  A scratch golfer in his own right, Vince Gill has also had a long relationship with charities and golf with his course The Vinny in East Nashville (in my neighborhood!) and The First Tee.  Gill and Kenny are close friends and Vince provided an intimate look into his professional and personal life because of it – and all for the price of some great fried chicken.  Kenny showed his appreciation by presenting Vince with a custom set of Callaway Clubs and bag – all to Gill’s specs.  Nice.

Entertainers and Charity

It’s inspirational that these entertainers, one a professional golfer and the other a singer/song-writer would give so much of themselves in support of these worthy charities.

J.B. Holmes

What was Going On with J.B. Holmes?

Had you wondered what was going on with J.B. Holmes? I had. As most of us know by now, he withdrew from The Barclays on the Monday, 22 August prior to the tournament to deal with his diagnosed brain malformations (Chiari) and the pending surgery. The condition creates vertigo-like symptoms which he has been working through since May of this year. Once wonders how long the balance issues have really been affecting him.

 J.B. Holmes a Proud Kentuckian

J.B. Holmes is a Kentucky boy, a product of the University of Kentucky and a hometown hero in his native Campbellsville, KY. Near the center of Kentucky, close to Lexington and just south of Bardstown (The Bourbon Capitol of the World), Campbellsville is a small community with big aspirations (now home of a distribution center) and home of a big hitter.

J.B. Holmes is a Winner

J.B. Holmes is a two time winner on the PGA Tour. Considered a “long ball hitter” he is also a very talented player with skills in every aspect of the game a la John Daly. J.B. Holmes distinguished himself during the 2008 (37th) Ryder Cup. Playing at Valhalla Country Club near Louisville, Kentucky, he joined fellow Kentuckian Kenny Perry in leading the U.S. to victory against the Europeans.

J.B. Holmes Will be Back

J.B. Holmes underwent successful brain surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Thursday, 1 September to relieve pressure on the cerebellum and brain stem that was caused by the Chiari malformations. Holmes will be recuperating for the next three months staying away from competitive golf, but he will begin light practicing within the month.  Let’s all continue to pray for a successful recovery…all that I have read tells me that he is doing well and wondering why we are all making such a fuss.  Best of luck J.B. Holmes.

The Masters

Alright!  No mas!  Enough already with the Tiger analysis at the Masters!!!  Yeah, I was guilty with my post a couple of weeks ago, but that was my one, we all get one.  Now it seems we haves an endless stream of supposition and conjecture about Tiger on all channels carrying the Masters.  Sure, he’s the world’s number one golfer and has popularity parity with Michael Jordon, but DAMN, can we talk about something else? 

I love this tournament – The Masters.  I love the “cleanliness” of it.  It seems pure to me.  It came from the vision of arguably the greatest golfer that ever lived – Bobby Jones.  OK, it has had its problems not the least of which is the color barrier, now shattered.  OK, it’s one of those rich good ole boy exclusive clubs.  OK.  They can run their club anyway they want as far as I am concerned.  If you don’t like it, make millions and start your own club. 

It’s an “exclusive” tournament.  That is some of the beauty of it.   Only the best get to play.  It is a major coveted by all who would be a professional golfer and those amateurs who have earned a spot to play.  No other tournament portends sudden failure and filets so quickly the promising winner like The Masters.  Greg Norman comes to mind.  We watch on the edge of our seats because of it.   The greens are so treacherous. There isn’t any rough to speak of, there doesn’t need to be.  Opportunity knocks even if you aren’t on the fairway.  The danger exists nearest the goal – the hole.  The wrong part of the green, too short or too much spin and you’re in Rae’s Creek, too long and you’re chipping downhill from the azaleas onto an unforgiving surface.  It is about the short game.  The touch and feel.  Even the shortest putt makes us hold our breath.  Watching a ball as is ekes out another quarter inch to fall in as a result of a 90 degree off-line chip is the magic.  Watching the heartbreak of missing the final putt to win – Kenny – is the magic.  Watching someone chip in to win from nowhere is the magic.  I love it.  (I’m sorry about Kenny – he’s a Kentucky boy like me.)

I am happy Jack is going to do the ceremonial thing with Arnie.  He was never going to do that, but now he is…good. 

I have Ernie doing well, high on my list to win.  Tiger is an outside chance –but haven’t we heard all of the possible scenarios about him twelve times over already?  Anthony Kim is coming off a win – is there a young gun out there who will challenge the established players?  The dark horse for me is Retief Goosen.  Something tells me they’ll be eating South African fare next year one way or another.