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J.B. Holmes

What was Going On with J.B. Holmes?

HolmesHad you wondered what was going on with J.B. Holmes? I had. As most of us know by now, he withdrew from The Barclays on the Monday, 22 August prior to the tournament to deal with his diagnosed brain malformations (Chiari) and the pending surgery. The condition creates vertigo-like symptoms which he has been working through since May of this year. Once wonders how long the balance issues have really been affecting him.

 J.B. Holmes a Proud Kentuckian

J.B. Holmes is a Kentucky boy, a product of the University of Kentucky and a hometown hero in his native Campbellsville, KY. Near the center of Kentucky, close to Lexington and just south of Bardstown (The Bourbon Capitol of the World), Campbellsville is a small community with big aspirations (now home of a distribution center) and home of a big hitter.

J.B. Holmes is a Winner

J.B. Holmes is a two time winner on the PGA Tour. Considered a “long ball hitter” he is also a very talented player with skills in every aspect of the game a la John Daly. J.B. Holmes distinguished himself during the 2008 (37th) Ryder Cup. Playing at Valhalla Country Club near Louisville, Kentucky, he joined fellow Kentuckian Kenny Perry in leading the U.S. to victory against the Europeans.

J.B. Holmes Will be Back

J.B. Holmes underwent successful brain surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Thursday, 1 September to relieve pressure on the cerebellum and brain stem that was caused by the Chiari malformations. Holmes will be recuperating for the next three months staying away from competitive golf, but he will begin light practicing within the month.  Let’s all continue to pray for a successful recovery…all that I have read tells me that he is doing well and wondering why we are all making such a fuss.  Best of luck J.B. Holmes.

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