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Matt Adams and Damn Near-isms, etc. etc. etc.

I was listening to Matt Adams this morning on Sirius/XM’s PGA Tour Channel “Fairways of Life” on my way to work and it struck me how many “Damn Near-isms” he managed to lay out there in the span of a couple of minutes. Matt was excited to talk with a caller about Rory McIlroy’s win at The Honda Classic and his becoming the number one ranked golfer in the world.  He was also incorporating the ongoing topic of a single hegemonic player versus player parity on the tour in the discourse.  (You know – was it better when Tiger was the lead dog or is it better now that so many different players can actually win each week? I would personally like to see another “big three!”)  Now, “Damn Near-isms” are nothing new for Matt. I hear them all of the time on the show, in fact there is one enduring “Damn Near-ism” that he just continues to use almost every other sentence.

I suppose it is time I tell you what a “Damn Near-ism” is.

Definition: Damn Near-ism – a word or phrase that when spoken or written elicits an initial or basic understanding of the intended meaning; however, when a quick mental review is made the listener/reader then realizes that the word or phrase was actually not quite right. Example: I love dogs, in fact, I once had a Labrador Repeater (intending Retriever).

So, in addition, Matt is a New York Times best selling author and I think sometimes he overplays the accomplished writer thing in his speech patterns and the language he uses.  For example, how many times do you use the word “thus” in normal conversation?  Play a drinking game during the show sometime and take a shot of tequila every time Matt says “thus.”  (“Thusly” counts…yeah, I know)  You’ll wake up the next day with a serious hangover, walking bowlegged, and sporting a tattoo of a spiked dog collar on your neck that you have no idea where it came from.  (Not my experience, but I hear Feherty spent a lot of money removing that tattoo.)  All this to say that once he gets excited, words just flow and sometimes they fit…and sometimes they don’t.  I’m just saying.

In the dialogue referenced in the first paragraph, Matt was excitedly waxing eloquent that since the “fall” of Tiger there has been great parity amongst the players on tour and that it has been “almost gladatorial” out there. I got the gist, but in my personal Scooby-Doo way I went, “huh?” to myself in the car. I knew there was something wrong and I was right – it is actually gladiatorial. He then pressed on to say that so far this year we have seen a resurgent Tiger, a resurgent Phil, and now Rory’s rise – it will surely be a “season of our content.” Okay, I get that too. And, I suppose one could say that it is a loosely appropriate reapplication of  Shakespeare’s “winter of our discontent” but, I am not so generous and it smacks of that “I am a best selling writer use of language and references thing.”   It is nothing less than a high brow “Damn Near-ism.”  Finally, the pizza resistance (I couldn’t resist). Matt is continuously ending his sentences with ex cetera, ex cetera, ex cetera.  Matt – it’s ET CETERA, ET CETERA, ET CETERA. Axe anyone!  Rent the 1956 movie “The King and I” and Yule Brynner (as the king) will clear it up. In fact and better yet, here’s a sound clip that should help: just click etc.

I love the show. I like listening because in many ways Matt and his call-in guests sound like the guys at the course talking about the week’s events on the PGA tour. Matt is very experienced in golf business and broadcasting and he is always informative.  It is interesting and sometimes funny to hear what people have to say when they call in and the commentary Matt provides as a result. And, if some of those conversations took place near me and we were the guys at the course, I would give the “Damn Near-ism” user no end of grief – on the spot. But, since I am a mere listener, I’m giving grief here.

Love the show, the banter, and the “Damn Near-isms.”  Can’t wait to hear the next one.

The 93rd PGA Championship

The PGA Championship

PGAI suppose the deal with the devil never really took place, or so it seems since Tiger missed the cut badly this week at the year’s final major – The 93rd PGA Championship.  But it was a terrific tournament nonetheless.  Who needs “big names” when the play is as spectacular as it was coming down the stretch of the tournament and in the ensuing playoff?  The PGA tour has obviously become very deep with talent over the course of the last few years.  In fact the last 10 majors have been won by first time major winners.  And…thank goodness an American won this last major…we can put that European uber alles issue to bed at least.  Although, I am sure there are those out there working the Irish lineage angle on Bradley as we speak…since the previous two majors were won by Irishmen.

What a Finish to the PGA

What a finish to the 93rd PGA Championship!  Keegan Bradley winning in a three hole aggregate playoff against Jason Dufner.  Keegan tied the event going birdie, birdie, and par after a seemingly disastrous triple bogey on the 15th par three.  With four holes to go and having witnessed Bradley’s triple from the tee box, Dufner hit the water on the par three 15th as well but managed a bogey to go to the 16th with a four shot lead.  He then proceeded to bogey the next two holes and par the 18th to remain tied at 8 under with Bradley.  Keegan, on his way in from the  triple on 15 knocked in a nine footer for birdie on the 16th then a thirty-five footer on the par three 17th to climb back up to 8 under par for the tournament. 

The PGA Championship Playoff

In the playoff, the two hit identical drives to the ones they played in regulation on the 16th.  Dufner, the shorter of the two hit first from the fairway and stuffed a 5 iron short of the hole rolling it just past the pin leaving about a twelve-footer.  Keegan shot next stuffing his 8 iron in to about six feet below the hole.  Keegan made his putt but Justin did not.  On the par three 17th Dufner once again three putted while Bradley made par extending his lead in the playoff to two strokes.  They both hit quality shots into the 18th hole with nearly identical putts to finish.  First to putt and with great style Jason Dufner rolled his in for a birdie forcing Bradley to two putt to win – which, of course, he did. 

The quality of the play in the playoff was spectacular with both competitors playing as if they were grizzled veterans of majors.  In fact, this was Bradley’s first ever major. 

It must be in the DNA for Keegan to deal with the pressure.  His aunt is Hall of Fame LPGA-er Pat Bradley.  His father is a PGA professional as well, not a touring pro, but a club pro in Colorado. 

The PGA Championship was a quality tournament with quality play and a terrific finish. 

Is it Ernie’s Time?

Ernie Els is 40 and has never won the Masters.  He has come close – finishing second twice and has 6 Top Ten finishes.  However, he has missed the cut 4 times, 3 of those coming in the last 3 years.  We know he can win in tough conditions on the big stage.  He has 2 U.S. Open wins and a British Open win on his resume.  But his last major win, The Open played at Muirfield in Gullane, Scotland, was 8 years ago.

He has momentum coming into the Masters this year.  He ended a 2-year win drought with his WGC-CA Championship win at Doral and followed that up last week with the win at Arnie’s Invitational at Bay Hill.  Attribute this sudden improvement to some hard work on the range following mediocre placing at the Honda Classic the week prior to
Doral.  Believe it or not, he has merely adjusted his ball position, moving it slightly back in his stance.  That and a few thousand balls later and he is apparently in a groove. 

His win at Doral was convincing.  His win at Bay Hill less so.  He seemed to have been ‘saved by the rain’ on Sunday as he was beginning to take a ride on the bogey train when the rains came.  He had doubled 13 and bogeyed 14 when play was suspended.  He scrambled his way to the win on Monday.  He had to really work for it after squandering a 5-shot lead going into 13 on Sunday.  While less convincing than Doral, it is a win none-the-less, and probably served to reinforce confidence in finding a way when it counts, albeit with some divine intervention on Sunday.

Ernie has 62 professional wins, and 8 of these on the PGA tour.  His experience on the stage and the momentum he has achieved these past few weeks puts his name back on the list of favorites for the Masters.  If he continues in his groove and his putting remains steady, he has a great chance for a green jacket.  Putting will be the key for Ernie at Augusta.

If what I think will happen happens with Tiger’s re-emergence, we will see some terrific drama unfold with the two of them on the weekend.  I hope so anyway…

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